Month 1 - Starting Up

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It's been a bit hectic on our end, restarting our website, and preparing all the item listings. I hope you'll find it usable for now. I know there's a number of lapses, goofs, or sorts of mistakes we'll regret in the future. We're novices to this eCommerce business, and have relied on major sites to manage our sales like eBay, Amazon, and Newegg. Managing our own website is new for us.

Meanwhile, this company has been in the business for the last 10 years, and is one of the leading distributors of refurbished Vizio TV's in Southern California. We're honest in the business. Orders of $3,500 or less have each TV inspected before pickup, and we make sure to have competitive prices for good products. The difference between us and competitors is that we'll always have the supply to match your needs instead of running constant one for one deals. If you're looking to enter the wholesale business with us (at least $5000/month), and are located in or close to the Los Angeles region, please sign up for our newsletter for our pricing.

The soundbars have been hot lately, and we're looking forward to expanding that route. Expect great things in the future from our audio products, maybe even a new location. Who knows.

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