Vizio GXFCB0QK012 020X 030X 040X 050X Main Board for M50-C1


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    • $58.99

    Fix your LED or widescreen TV today using this mainboard.  Mainboard is manufactured by VIZIO and resolves common TV issues including: audio-related issues, picture issues, internet connection issues, HDMI port issues, and other connection issues.  PLEASE NOTE that replacing your main board may not resolve all of your TV problems.  Common technical issues should be verified by a technician before you seek to replace your mainboard.  Problems with your TV may also originate from the following TV parts:

    • T-con board (also known as a Control Board)
    • power supply board


    Furthermore, the following picture issues may be symptoms of a bad LCD panel, and replacing your mainboard will NOT fix the problem -


    Screen Issues that aren't caused by a faulty mainboard:

    • ANY Horizontal Lines that appear on your TV screen
    • Dark splotches on display
    • A dark “cloudy” spot spreading over the picture


    NOTE: Not all connectors are available depending on the mainboard model.  Please find the correct mainboard by matching the serial # (provided below and in title) with your old board.

    Product Features

    • Serial #: GXFCB0QK012 030X 040X
    • Alternative #: (X) XFCB0QK012 020X  050X (715G7288-M02-000-005T)
    • Brand: VIZIO
    • Condition: Refurbished
    • Compatible TV Model #: M50-C1

    IMPORTANT STEP: Please wait 5-8 minutes after installing the new mainboard before turning on your television.  Neglecting this step may result in issues with your TV.  Please reinstall and repeat the above step to resolve any issues.

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