Vizio LED Driver Board LNTVEY208XAB8 For M50-C1

Vendor:  VIZIO

  • $25.35

Vizio LNTVEY208XAB8 LED Driver Board For M50-C1

  • Condition: Used, Like New
  • Serial #: LNTVEY208XAB8, LNTVEY208XAB9
  • 715G7159-P01-000-004K
  • TV Model: M50-C1
  • 1x LED Driver Board



Have problem with your Vizio TV? Get this Vizio LED driver board LNTVEY208XAB8 to repair your Vizio TV model # M50-C1. Our main board has been tested by our technician and it worked! If our main board fails to work due to some odd circumstances, you are covered by our 60-day warranty policy.


1.) Please wait 5-8 minutes after installing board before turning TV on.

2.) Skipping this step may result in picture problems.

3.) After a standby time of 5-8 minutes, turn on TV.


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