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Vizio Remote Control VUR12 - 0980-0306-0100 - XtraSaver

Vizio Remote Control VUR12 - 0980-0306-0100

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The VIZIO Remote Control VUR12 - 0980-0306-0100 is a remote compatible with various VIZIO models. Batteries not included. Usually ships within 1 business day.



  • Condition: Used
  • Model Number: VUR12
  • Compatible: M320NV M370NV M420NV VX20L, VXW20L, VA22LF, VMM26, VA26L, VW22L, VO22L, VW26L, VP322, VOJ320F, VU32L, VX32L, VOJ320F, VO32L, VO32LF, VW32L, VX37L, VW37L, VO37L, VO37LF, VOJ370, VU37L, VECO320L, VO42LF, VW42L, VW42LF, VS42LF, VU42L, VU42LF, VX42L, VP422,VP42, VP423, GV42L, GV42LF, GV46L, GV46LF, VW46L, VW46LF, VW47LF, VO47LF, GV47LF, GV52LF, VX52LF, VP322, VP422, VP504, P50, VP50, JV50P, VM60P, VO42LF, VP504F, VP503 Also compatible with XVT, VL, M and E VIZIO TV models.



  • Ships within 1 business day