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Vizio XRT122 iHeart Radio Remote Control - XtraSaver

Vizio XRT122 iHeart Radio Remote Control

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The XRT122 iHeart Radio Remote by VIZIO is a remote compatible with various VIZIO TVs. Batteries not included. Usually ships within 1 business day.  



  •   - Brand: VIZIO
  •   - Model: XRT122 iHeart 
  •   - Condition: New
  •   - Compatible: D39H-D0 D39HD0 D50U-D1 D50UD1 D55U-D1 D55UD1 D58U-D3 D58UD3 D65U-D2 D65UD2 E32-C1 E32C1 E32H-C1 E32HC1 E40-C2 E40C2 E40X-C2 E40XC2 E43-C2 E43C2 E48-C2 E48C2 E50-C1 E50C1 E55-C1 E55C1 E55-C2 E55C2 E60-C3 E60C3 E65-C3 E65C3 E65X-C2 E65XC2 E70-C3 E70C3


  • Ships within 1 business day