Vizio M55-D0 TV Base Stand Legs | Screws Included

Vendor:  Vizio

  • $59.50
Vizio M55-D0 TV Base Stand Legs, Screws Included 
The pair of "chickenfeet" TV stands are the perfect solution for your VIZIO televison. A sleek design allows your TV to fit comfortably in any room and sturdiness provides stability for long-term placement.  Comes in a pair and works in harmony to hold up large-screen televisons.  Sturdy without fail.  Stands are easily attachable; screws included.  Product designed and manufactured by VIZIO. 
-Screws/accessories are included.
-No instructions needed.
  • Brand: Vizio 
  • Condition: New
  • Compatible Models: M55-D0
  • Screws Included!
  • Easy assembly
  • Instructions NOT Included
  • 1 x Pair Legs + Screws 

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